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Ted  Clevenger

enjoyed the website

Robert Curley Malonson

I am looking for information or a presentation regarding the importance of having team continuity within a negotiation unit.

Haynes Cowie-Clarke

I am a Director of a Security Services provider in Trinidad and Tobago operating mainly on the island of Tobago. We provide Personal protection Services as part of our wide portfolio. Our aim is always to keep ahead of the game and would like to include hostage negotiation and major conflict management as part of our medium term development plans.

Ceasar  Reed

Saw your website after a organic search, I am a private military security contractor with an expertise in kidnap and rescue and hostage mediation. I have several experiences and knowledge to provide your organization and it's members. We operate out of Alaska while not only conducting kidnap and rescue of international victims, child abduction, Basic kidnapping, Tiger kidnapping, and high value target kidnapping. We conduct search and rescue efforts and disaster relief operations on a global scale. We will be diving into Anti kidnapping security details formally known as high profile security acquisitions. I would welcome membership to this organization and will be researching it more once I get back to the states...

Bruce Wind

On behalf of President Matt Onderbeke, WSHNA sends our sincere condolences to the family & friends of Dominick Misino.

Ron Black

Words cannot express the sadness felt at the loss of Dom. I'm sure he would have something to say, as he was a man of many words. Many lives were saved by his words and many lives were blessed by his presence. May God bless his family and give them the strength to make it through this difficult time. He will be missed but never forgotten.


RIP Brother...

David Wohlgemuth

Dom, you will be missed greatly. You will leave a silence that will be heard. Thank you for talking to us for so many years.

Sgt Christopher McPhail

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Dominic. I just got the PATC e-mail announcing Dom's end of watch as 11/06/2013. I have been a member of IAHN since 2007 and have learned and passed on so muck from Dom. My department had a difficult time processing Phase IV recert and Dom called me and told me it was a grant, just take it and it will be taken care of. That is how I will remember Dom. His energy and ability to teach with such vigor and dedication. Such a tragic loss to the Negotiations world. My sincere condolences to Dom's family, friends and all he touched. So very sorry for our loss.

A. Hastings

I just wanted to say thank you to the people that make this site possible. It has been amazingly helpful in doing research on Negotiations. Thanks :)

Ben Karanja


Mary Jane Brown

new to this site, first time visiting I am on the Hostage negotiator team at the above instition.

Seth  Moore

I am just curious about what type of training, if any you offer? Cordially, Officer Moore

Michael Hueckstaedt

Just checking in and catching up on new info.

V. Politis

Dear Sirs, I am the CEO of a Maritime Security Company registered in Panama and operating from Greece. The last three years we have been actively involved in many hostage/negotiation cases for vessels or individuals captured by pirates. We will be glad to be members of your association and also share experiences . REAR ADMIRAL V.POLITIS HELLENIC NAVY (ret.) CEO MARINE SECURITY INTERNATIONAL (MSI)

Carl Robinson

Fantastic to have a website geared to the specifics and tactics , advice regards hostage negotiation.

Kathy  Fuller

I would like to start a training program here at the facility and need resources, and further training. Any direction would be appriciated.



Laurie  Hall

I have been a Negotiator for 17 years and involved in many negotiations. Our Negotiation Team has been one where outside agencies have always come to us requesting assistance with their training due to the numerous situations we handle. I am always looking to hone our skills with more advanced training.

Sinobia Brinkley

Good morning wanted to know if there you have andy simulated hostage situations for negotiation training materials.

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