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Linda Jackdon

Thsnk you so much. On t.v.,it seems that negotiating was easy. I guess I was proven wrong.

Bobby Magers

just checking in and catching up on infor

Gil Padilla

HOBAS stats show that we are still not using the technology available to negotiate and the use of the throw phones are minimal.

James Estwick

I've been a Negtiator for 7 years and i'm looking to train two ne Negotators. Im trying to find interactive training CD's to help me out with training ideas.


I would like to see more advanced training for negotiators in the state of Florida.

Charl Jacobs

I would really like to join and get further training

Alexandar Atkinson

Hello i am currently a student about to go on to my second year of study. I am enquiring into which path i need to take in order to become a hostage/crisis negotiator in the U.K/internationally. There is little information on the process i need to take on the internet or anywhere else, so any advice or information/links would be deeply appreciated. Many Thanks atkinsoa@aston.ac.uk

haynes Cowie-Clarke

would Like info on membership

Kevin Snoddy

I am at present a trained negotiator in the Prison Service. I live for the next incident (few and far between), and am actively involved in the selection / training and refresher training within the service. I am looking to broaden my horizons, and am consemplating a career change enabling me to work full time within the industry, but i am struggling to find out where / links that might be able to help with this career transision.

Eugene Hughley

I am looking for upcoming conferences and speakers to speak to my criminal justice classes at Southern U. in baton rouge.

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